Marco Bertolini is a freelance creative photographer based in Milan, focusing on interior design photography, product and still life photography and fashion photography. He also offers creative styling, composition, and layout.

His key areas of work include:
Interior design photography, still life photography, styling, fashion portrait work, creative portrait photography, urban photography, interiors, food photography, visual design, advertising photography, architecture photography, creative portrait photography.

Among his clients are leading international companies and professionals specializing in architecture, interiors, product design, textiles, home decoration and collections, home accessories, fashion collections and brands.

Marco’s approach to a new project- this might be a home textile catalogue, a beachwear collection or a photographic feature commissioned by an international architect or designer always starts with a face-to-face evaluation with the client to understand the creative brief and how this should be depicted. Brainstorming, setting the look and mood of the shoot, understanding and setting the style, creativity and real purpose of the photographs are fundamental aspects that must be ascertained before starting the shoot.
These might include research and evaluation of the location or setting, whether a photographic studio, location, or set designed for the purpose. Art direction, art buying, research of props and elements for the photographic set. When necessary Marco draws pencil sketches to visualize the composition of the pictures to be taken, the elements that must be included in it, the light conditions and sources.

When possible, Marco prefers to shoot in natural light conditions but also masters the use of artificial light, especially when shooting fashion, to highlight and to create moods, enhance shapes and colors and express the spirit of the collection.

Marco can also take care of the graphic creativity, composition and layout for quality commercial and editorial photography, advertising campaigns, catalogues, lookbooks, also liaising with the printer to ensure correct quality, color accuracy and printing techniques.

Marco Bertolini photography and styling is regularly featured in major magazine publications, Interior and Design magazines: international and Italian editions of AD Architectural Digest, international Elle Decoration editions and many other weekly and monthly magazines publish his photographic stories and features.

Marco also works on personal and research projects. These are included in private and corporate collections.